Thursday, June 30, 2016

Update of babies: Beauty 17 days, Missy 8 days

Beauty's babies are jumping in and out of the box.  I will leave the box in there until we have a little warmer nights and the babies spend more day time out of the box.  They need a place to go to for warmth and feedings.  Here are some hoppin around bunnies.
Beauty and babies, day 17

They were excited for the grass and a few had their first nibbles

Beautiful markings on many of the black kits

He sat and posed for this picture

Missy's babies
Most of the time, rabbits use body language to communicate to other rabbits (and to me) what they want.  Buck (our male breeder) thumps in his cage when he is wanting attention.  Beauty is pretty passive and laid back.  But Missy is a talker.  Anytime I do anything that gets her fur ruffled she lets me know.  Little tiny whining like noises.  Its hard to describe.  The does have made this noise during breeding too so not sure if it has many purposes.  
This is Buck.  He watches me close and if I spend too much time with anyone else, he lets me know with a few solid thumps in his cage.  He wants me to pet him anytime of the day, all day if he had his way.

Requests for Missy and her babies so I took them out of the nest box for a photo shoot.

She did not like them being out.  She "told me" this was a bad idea, whining to me me on and off.

Then she surprised me and let them crawl under her to nurse.

Here you can see one latched on and feeding.  I never thought I would see this.  Even more amazing I have a photo to share with you.

So bunnies eating grass, jumping in and out of box.  Missy feeding babies off schedule just for me (and you) to see.  I would have to say, this was a great photo day!  Thanks for hoppin buy and dont forget to include any questions you might have pertaining to ANYTHING BUNNY!  I have learned a lot and if you can come up with a question that I do not know the answer too, well then I will do the research and learn from your question.  Thanks and see you again at WWR real soon.

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