Thursday, July 7, 2016

New Rabbit is here! And her new name is... CALLIE

UPDATE:  I wanted to let you know that CALLIE is officially a WWR resident with her new name.  She is settling in well.  I have been able to feel her abdomen and seems she has something moving around in there.  She is due to have babies on Sunday so lets all pray she has kits in there and not just gas!
It is very hot here today so I will be tending to my rabbits often.  I provide them with cool water, a bowl that is frozen to drink from as it melts, a frozen bottle (like a 48 oz juice bottle) for them to lay next to, a fan and sometimes a cool ceramic tile to lay on.  All of these things help provide the adult rabbits (and their 7 kits) with a way to cool a little. 

If it gets much hotter or the humidity climbs I will also fill a large cooler with ice and water, submerge rags and small towels in the water, ring out and set one on each rabbit.  They actually like this.  Missy and Beauty will keep it on till I remove it.  Buck not so much.  He would rather get my attention so by stomping in his cage so I will hopefully, give him some attention.  The last time I had to do this, Beauty's kits were still in the nest box and even they appreciated the coolness of the rag.

Next posting I will have tips and tricks for putting together my new indoor cages.  I purchased them for those really hot days, especially if there will not be anyone around to do the cool-down pampering as mentioned above.  Instead they will be relocated to my basement in new cages to wait out the heat wave.  Hop on by later in the week for tips and tricks!

On facebook I have a contest to pick a name for my new rabbit.  She is a California and New Zealand mix.
 She has a little grey on the ears, nose, feet and tail.  It is very light because she is a mix.  She also has pink eyes.  Her babies will be mostly white with a chance for pink eyes and a variety of light grey markings.  (sounds like the cute show (CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS) heehee
Here is a picture.

Visit my facebook post here to enter your choice of names and be a big part of the future for this little bundle of fur.  She will be part of our family for a long time as a breeding doe.  Her babies will go to other breeders and live long and happy lives.  She is due in two weeks and I will keep you posted more on that as the day arrives.
Until then, visit my post and give her a name!  Winner will receive this card in the mail....

Lucky little rabbit gets to stay in our basement for a few days.  Just to make sure she is healthy before she goes in with the rest of the rabbits.  So far, she has a clear bill of health!   Thanks for hoppin by WWR and have a super fun-furry day!

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