Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pricing for Bunnies

PRICE FOR BUNNIES  as of 8-16-16
Buy when young and pay less.  Parents of these bunnies are New Zealands.
Reserve now. Purchase your bunny before the following age: 

8 weeks old                  $15.00 each
9-10 weeks old            $20.00 each                           
11-12 weeks old           $25.00 each                                   
13+ weeks old              $30.00 each

THERE ARE ONLY SIX BUNNIES LEFT out of 10 please reserve yours today.
All bunnies are sold with a two day supply of pellet food and hay.  Owner must supply their own cage, feed and water containers.

Contact Theresa at
0r (715) 790-0000

Coming soon!  Baby California rabbits.  Be the first to be on the list.

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