Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Update: Mid September

All bunnies are doing wonderful.  I have no rabbits left from Missy or Beauty's last litters.  They stayed with us a little longer than I expected.  I am sure they are happy in their new homes.

Rabbits are unpredictable.  And I am so glad that I went out to check on them a few extra times the last few days.  Sometimes the little ones wont let go when Mommy Bunny is done feeding and they hang on so tight they get carried out of the nest box.  These little ones are past the 'critical days' (where a few hours away from the warmth of the nest and other bunnies and they would freeze to death).  Once I went out and one was cuddled up in a corner.  Mommy Bunnies do not cuddle with their babies to keep them warm like a cat or dog would.  Another time I went out and ALL 8 babies were out in a ball trying to keep warm.  Its a blessing it has not been too cold and that I have gone out to help these little ones back to the nest.
Here are some pictures of the little ones
These are the blind, naked and deaf newborn kits.  They need the warm nest and EACH OTHER to keep warm.

Here are the kits after a few days.  The one on the left that seems to be a little smaller and not as much fur is the one I was able to save.  He was born 2.5 hours before all the rest and on the cage floor. Usually it only takes about 20 minutes for a doe to give birth to all her kits.  I think Missy was not ready for him.  He is still a little smaller and has a little less fur at 9 days old.

Here is Beauty with three of her kits.  They have a lot more fur on them. They are a week old here.  Notice they are still snuggling up to keep each other warm.  I took them out for this photo and they were happy to go back in the nest and sleep!  That's all they do for the first few weeks is sleep.  Today they are 19 days old and are bouncing around the cage, eating a little hay and fresh grass- just like Beauty.  She is such a good momma!

Thanks for bouncing by and see you again real soon.  Comment with any questions you might have.  Would love to hear from you.  Especially if you are interested in a rabbit or have purchased one from me already.  Lets hear some of your stories...  Till next time, keep them ears up and paws in the air!