Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rocky Acres Angus- By chance or design?

What a busy December.  We have sold several bunnies to new homes in December.  We even sold one to  a fellow passing by who saw our RABBIT PELLETS FOR SALE sign.

Several of the bunnies went to new homes.  All will be well taking care of and loved. I have only ONE white female bunny left along with my three original adult does (female) and of course BUCK, my white male (buck) which is the proud father of all the bunny babies.  I believe I will keep the one white doe for breeding.

Today I had to stop all plans and make a trip to deliver our last bunny sold.  Thursday we had a man stop by because he saw our sign for Rabbit Pellets sign.  He was looking for a new buck for his breeding colony.  I happen to have one left!  He was without a cage so I said I would deliver.  They have over 300 rabbits and need new bloodline.
What started as a chance encounter might end up being a great opportunity for friendship and business dealings.  The man who bought the last buck from me, Ryan own ROCKY ACRES ANGUS with his wife Gayle.  They have a nice shop set up in Weyerhaeurser, only 7 miles away.  We have many ideas to share and I hope this will build into a wonderful friendship.  After all, finding someone else to talk to about rabbits in details is a little difficult.

 I believe it was by divine design that we have met and I want to bless them and their business.

Rocky Acres Angus
Weyerhaeuser, WI.
Ryan and Gayle Gregor

They raise and sell:  ALL NATURAL GRASS-FED BEEF, FREE- RANGE CHICKENS, PORK, RABBITS AND FRESH EGGS.  They also have a gift shop and are looking into plans for a farmers market in the near future.

 I have requests for bunnies in the spring and will breed again in late February. Until then I pray we are blessed with temperatures above 0 for the sake of the bunnies and mine, all the bunnies in new homes are happy and stay healthy and the contacts I have made with the sales of the bunnies also create new friendships with like minded bunny lovers.
I would also like to say thanks again to my husband, family and friends who have been supportive in all the various way they know how.  Thank you for lending a hand for building, and ear for listening and for your advice and guidance.  You all mean so much to us.