Thursday, June 30, 2016

Update of babies: Beauty 17 days, Missy 8 days

Beauty's babies are jumping in and out of the box.  I will leave the box in there until we have a little warmer nights and the babies spend more day time out of the box.  They need a place to go to for warmth and feedings.  Here are some hoppin around bunnies.
Beauty and babies, day 17

They were excited for the grass and a few had their first nibbles

Beautiful markings on many of the black kits

He sat and posed for this picture

Missy's babies
Most of the time, rabbits use body language to communicate to other rabbits (and to me) what they want.  Buck (our male breeder) thumps in his cage when he is wanting attention.  Beauty is pretty passive and laid back.  But Missy is a talker.  Anytime I do anything that gets her fur ruffled she lets me know.  Little tiny whining like noises.  Its hard to describe.  The does have made this noise during breeding too so not sure if it has many purposes.  
This is Buck.  He watches me close and if I spend too much time with anyone else, he lets me know with a few solid thumps in his cage.  He wants me to pet him anytime of the day, all day if he had his way.

Requests for Missy and her babies so I took them out of the nest box for a photo shoot.

She did not like them being out.  She "told me" this was a bad idea, whining to me me on and off.

Then she surprised me and let them crawl under her to nurse.

Here you can see one latched on and feeding.  I never thought I would see this.  Even more amazing I have a photo to share with you.

So bunnies eating grass, jumping in and out of box.  Missy feeding babies off schedule just for me (and you) to see.  I would have to say, this was a great photo day!  Thanks for hoppin buy and dont forget to include any questions you might have pertaining to ANYTHING BUNNY!  I have learned a lot and if you can come up with a question that I do not know the answer too, well then I will do the research and learn from your question.  Thanks and see you again at WWR real soon.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Birthday to TWO NEW KITS, and 10 day old Beauty's babies

A kit is a baby rabbit.  Missy had two kits on Tuesday night (or Wed early).  All are doing great.
Here are the kits on day two....

They weigh about 2.5 oz each.  They will grow really fast because they only have to complete between the two.  Smaller litters have an opportunity to grow and gain weight fast.

Now lets check in with Beauty.  Her babies are 10 days old today.  About day eight I saw their eyes opening just a little.  More yesterday, so today I will change out their nestbox to make sure they do not have any eye infections.  Here they are....

As you can see, they are doing great.  I will handle the kits daily so they are tame.
Thanks for hoppin by and see you again at WWR!  Dont forget to visit the post to enter your choice of names for my new addition to WWR!  And comment so I know you were here! 

Help me name my new doe

I will be getting a new doe (female rabbit) next week, already bred and I need a name for her.  I will post each suggestion and then pick a winner.  She will be a California White.  Here is a picture of her breed.

Who ever picks the best name will win a card made by me with a bunny on the front.  It will be blank inside so you can send it to whom ever you want.  You will also be able to pick the sentiment. (Happy Birthday, Hop You Are Feeling Better...)  I am so excited. 

Please comment with your name choice and I will post every few days all the name suggestions until next week when I pick her up.  Thanks for hoppin by and see you again at WWR.

Monday, June 13, 2016


Today I went out at 7:30 and Beauty was resting nicely.  Today is her big day.  I went out again at 9:30 and there they were!  7 very healthy bunnies!  Four black and three white.  I tucked them in nice so they can keep warm.  There is cardboard on the bottom of the nest box so they will not get a draft from below.  There is plenty of hay and fur so they just need Beauty to feed them and she has always done a great job with that.
I will take pictures tomorrow.  I like to give her a day to relax before disturbing too much.  I will check again several times today to make sure they all stay snuggled in.  Thanks for hoppin by to hear about the new little ones. 

Today is Tuesday.  Bunnies are one day old exactly when I took this pictures.  Their weight is from2.2 oz for the runt and 3.0 for the largest.  Very healthy looking with full round bellies that you can see from all three pictures. Notice how it bulges ever so lightly on the side of the white kit on top?  That is how they should look. 

Every time I have checked on Beauty's babies in the past, they were always plump.  No matter the day.  I was out there one time in the middle of the day.  Did a few things in her cage and moved on to the next.  She jumped right in and fed the babies while I was in there.  Middle of the day!  So I dont think we can know for sure (unless we have a camera on them) how often or what time of the day our rabbits feed their kits.  Research says: early morning and or evening.  I say: when ever a good mommy says so!

6-14-16 Beauty's babies (7) fat and healthy

Full round belly

Beauty's kits 6-14-16
 Thanks for stopping by and celebrating THE BIRTHDAY of these adorable kits.  It is very likely that every one that is a doe (cant tell for 8 more weeks) is already going to a good home from my waiting list.  Bucks sell usually one at a time, does can go as many as 4 to the same home. 
God has blessed me with this adventure.  I have learned a few things and the outcome has blessed others.  Thank you God for your Goodness!  Hop on by next Monday to see how all of these little guys are doing AND HOW MISSY IS DOING.  She is due next week and this time, I think she will be a great mother.  Please comment below so I know you where here.  Requests for topics are welcome.

Today (should be) the big day for BEAUTY

7:30 Monday morning:
Beauty should kindle today.  Yesterday she way laying on her side as you can see in this picture.  She is huge. All that is babies!  She will either have many babies or they will be big or BOTH!  I can really feel them moving around and this morning I could see them "restling" and getting ready to be born by watching the "waves" of movement on her side.  She is doing great.
The other day I found out she is probably a New Zealand STEEL because of the adorable silver color at the tips of her hair.  That is why we named her beauty. 

Beauty one day before expected day of kindling. 6-13-16

Missy- one week and a day before she kindles
Notice Missy is a little bigger than she was a week ago but not as big as Beauty.  She too has the little ones moving round.  I am very excited for her because I think she will do much better this time.  She has calmed down and is no longer nervous. 
Out to check on them again.  Be back soon.
9:10  THEY ARE HERE.  Go to the next post to find out more.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

ISO New Zealands for 4-H program- bunny request filled!

I had a request for 3 New Zealands from a young man for a 4-H program.  Unfortunally, my litters will be the wrong age.  Here are the facts.

By Aug 3 must be:
  • 8-9.5 weeks old
  • 3.5- 5.5 lbs
  • same sex and same color
If you have any way to help make this connection, I am sure this young man would be grateful.
Leave a comment and we can go from there.  Thanks for your help and hoppy to see you again!  Theresa

Update: The bunnies for this customer were found through a contact I had.  Glad to be of assistance!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Warmer than 80 degrees can kill your bunny

Here are some of the ideas I have for keeping the rabbits cooler in this heat.  do not shock your bunny by altering the temperature in his surroundings too often.  For instance, do not bring them in an air conditioned place and then back to the heat.  Try to find an accommodating area and create the idea environment with the following changes.

  •  fan- blowing at rabbits but not constantly (osculating)
  • 32 oz frozen water in recycled juice container or similar
  • cool water in water bottles, maybe even with ice
  • cool water misted occasionally with a water bottle
  • cool rag in cold water, ring out and place on rabbit. Ears too if they let you

So what if you dont not have time for the one on one tactics or you wont be home?
  • fan blowing at rabbits but not constantly (osculating) REPEAT because this is the easiest
  • freeze open feed dishes and leave in cage (like this blue one)
  • Extra set of water bottles, half filled and frozen the night before.  Finish filling with water.  This water will stay cooler much longer than if it is not frozen
They may eat less in the heat.  Try and encourage more liquids or fresh grass to prevent dehydration.
Please comment if you have ideas that have worked for you.  Thanks for hopping by in this crazy heat!
Warmer temperatures are also dangerous for the buck.  He can become sterile and it is not recommended to breed him in high heats.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Let the KINDLING begin!

On Monday June 13th Beauty will have her next litter of bunnies (kits).  She is an excellent mother and I expect she will do just fine. She pulls fur, builds a warm nest and nurses just fine.

On Tuesday June 21, Missy will have her next litter.  This is her third.  Her first litter was born 2 days early and none of the 5 survived.  Her second litter she had 7.  One was dead at birth.  She seemed to be getting the hang of nursing but the second night it was colder than I expected and the nest was not warm enough.  Cold came up from the bottom of the nest box and the kits froze.  This is all very sad but we (Missy and I) learned from these experiences and will do better this time.  She is no longer jumpy and nervous.  I will go with my instincts to "assist" if I feel I need to.  This time the nest boxes will have cardboard and if it is really warm I will remove the cardboard on day 4 when the kits should have plenty of fur for June weather.

I am excited that many of my rabbits are going to excellent homes.  I hope to share some stories and pictures as I receive them.  For now, that is all.  Come back after the 13th and see what is hopining at WWR!  Dont forget to comment to let me know you where here!  Theresa

Monday, June 6, 2016

Two males left- and available

Beauty's does are on their way to their new home.  They will be well taken care of!  I was very excited to met and talk with Liz in person.  They have other animals and a few children that are excited to get their new additions to their fur family!
So at this time I have two maLes left. The previous customers who were on my list have obtained the bucks they were looking for so MY BUCKS ARE FOR SALE.  First one to arrange to pick up, will have first choice of one or both of my buck bunnies. 

Thanks for hoppin by and hop by any time!  Theresa