Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Have some fun with.....NAME THAT BUN! Three new bunnies and I want you to help me name them!

Meet the three new additions to the Wascally Wabbits Rabbitry......
Buck 1,2 and 3.  Yes I know those are lousy names but for now, that is all I have. 

What I Know:  These are Belted Dutch and Calico Rex (mini) mix rabbits that are just a few pound in weight.  Totally NOT what I am use to.  My baby NZ (New Zealands)  are bigger and weight more at 8 weeks than these do full grown.
So I wont keep you waiting here are a few pictures of the beauties.  Again I am going to run a contest for
the best names.

KEEP IN MIND ALL 3 ARE BUCKS (males) so suggest names that would be for a boy rabbit!  All brothers just so you know.  Something fitting and not too long.  This will go on all their paperwork.

Here is the photo shoot for all three bucks. 

BUCK #1: He has the least amount of white on him.  A little on the forehead and then around the front paws and back. 

 BUCK #2

He has more dark brown and a lot of white.  Look at those beautiful eyes!  In just different light, bunnies show different colors to their eyes.  See the calico clearly in this little one.  If Missy did not take from her last breeding, I will likely breed him with her.  She is a California/NZ and adding Calico would help bring out some color and maybe keep some of the size.  I have a lot of research to do on what I can and can not do but so far the main things I have read is not brother to sister and the male should not be much larger in size than the female.  That way the babies are not likely going to be bigger than the mom. 

BUCK #3 This buck has the most white. He might be the friendliest of the three.  He almost climbs out of the hutch to say hello when I come visit.  (#2 and 3 are in the garage for now)  He might be the one I save because of his temperament.  I would like to breed one with my New Zealand does and see what colors I might get.

 So I will also post on facebooks to see if I can get some name choices.  This time, the winner will receive a stack of 5 homemade cards- best of my collection.  Please comment if you would like to enter a name.  If your name is chosen I will email you for your address and send you a stack of homemade cards.  Thanks for the fun.  Hurry I would like to name these little guys soon.  Getting teased that I am calling them Buck 1,2 and 3. 

DONT FORGET TO COMMENT WITH YOUR NAME!  Thanks for hoppin by!  Theresa


  1. A few suggestions are coming in....

    Dex the Rex Rabbit
    Elliot and Pete (because of Pete's Dragon which was very cute)

  2. Couple more suggestions came in from text or facebook: Peter, Roger, Briar, Nesquik, Gizmo. I really like the suggestions, keep them coming. There is still plenty of time to NAME THAT BUN!

  3. Buck 1 - "Sandy" because his fur reminds me of the sand. (I love that white stripe around his body!)

    Buck 2 "Spot"

    Buck 3 "George" because he looks curious : )