Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August Update

Well end of July and beginning of August has been a very busy already.  Two litters have come of age for sale with 3 gone and one spoken for already.  That leaves only 5 left to sell.  We built a little play/exercise area for them and the little 8 weeks old bunnies just loved it.  They even played peek-a-boo with me yesterday.  Wish I could post the video but I dont know know how to make the file smaller.

So here are a few pictures from our time in the new play area.
Meet the stars of the show.....
These two are females and are ready for sale.

We played peek-a-boo.  They would hide behind this pole with just one eye showing.  You know if they cant see you, they think you can see them.  That is why they love to have their heads tucked into your arm pit or elbow when you hold them.  Anyway, it was a lot of fun watching them bounce around this new play area.  Here are some more action pictures.
 I caught this white one with about five photos darting around.  The black one just sat and watched.  The white one did not like that so it BUMPED right into the black one and get him moving.  It was cool watching the BUNNY BUMPERS. 
 Here are two more cute photos.  They loved the area.  If I climbed into the area with them, they would come over, check me out and wait for me to pet them, then off they went again. 
 Aren't they the most adorable bunnies you ever saw?   Please take a moment to comment and share in the bun fun!  Thanks for hoppin by.

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