Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bouncing in Baby Bunny Blessings!

It has been a very busy summer for us.  Fall is starting to show in the temperatures and even a few trees are turning.  We live in Wisconsin so we see winter half the year.  The other half of the year, the weather cant figure out what it wants to do.  Could be blazing hot one day and cold and windy the next.  Like they say.... DONT LIKE THE WEATHER IN WISCONSIN ..... WAIT 5 MINUTES AND IT WILL CHANGE.  Ok, maybe a little longer than 5 minutes....

On with the big news.  Beauty had her babies in the night.  My calculations were off the night before and stayed up most of the night check on her.  I ended up with a headache.  So had to trust her nest was built well enough and she would do what was needed. 

I knew the nights were getting cold so I lined the bottom of her nest box with a piece of cardboard.  She put in a little hay and left it alone.  I was a little worried because she did not pull any fur.  So I pulled apart some cotton balls and lined the bottom.... just in case she did not pull fur in time.

My mom asked me, "Why do you do so much?  Dont they have their babies just fine in nature?"  And the answer is yes, they do.  But domestic rabbits are not "in nature".  We have them in cages to keep them safe from predators.  They do have some exercise and freedom in their new play area.....

As a pet owner whether cat, dog, rabbit or horse we need to provide a clean, healthy and safe environment for our pets.  And that is what I do.  I clean their cage area everyday.  I provide clean drinking water, pellets and the best hay I can find.  I also pull grass for them everyday.  They get very excited when I come into the rabbitry and announce "LOOK WHAT I HAVE!" because they know I have fresh grass or another "treat" for them. 

So lets move on the the activities we have going on with the rabbits inside WWR (wascally wabbits rabbitry).

Beauty had 5 babies early this morning.  They are all very healthy and have full bellies and she pulled a little fur.  Guess she knows just how much to pull.  Last time she pulled a gallon size zip-lock bag.   I even had to take some out there was so much fur.
I will watch them closely for the next 4 days.  Kits (baby bunnies) are born without fur.  Each day they will grow a little fur and by day 4 they will be well protected from drafts.  Kits keep each other warm until they have their own nice coat to keep warm.  If all goes well I will remove the cardboard from under the nesting material in her box on day 4 so the urine and feces can fall through the bottom of the nest box.

The next due to have babies is Missy.  This will be her third fourth litter.  The first two did not go well for her.  The last litter she had 2 and they are doing super.   She is not due for a 1 1/2 weeks but I saw her doing this today......
MISSY IS BUILDING HER NEST.  So I ran and got her a nest box.  Otherwise she would wear her self out with this task.
 After she got all done with gathering her hay (for the moment anyway) she was breathing heavy, all tuckered out.

She will be content for a few days.  They I will have to take the box out and disinfect it and have her start over.  She will soil the hay in the box between now and delivery so we will have to clean it all out and start over.  But I know having the box makes her happy.  She did very well with last litter so I have no worries.

THEN I NOTICED..... Callie was also gathering hay for her nest.  She is due the day after Missy so I guess I am not surprised.  All three females have been excited to work on their nests early.  Here is Callies AND her creation....
 Callie is a California and New Zealand mix.  Her babies should all be white with some gray on the nose, tail, feet and ears.  Is she not the cuttest Callie you ever seen?
 I am a little worried because she even pulled fur.  The reason I worry?  Because they usually pull fur very close to the day they kindle (give birth).  She is way too early to kindle.  So I will pray she holds off and she pulled fur out of a strong mothering instinct that will help her be a good mom.  I will be gathering this fur to put in her final nest because, like Missy this nest will get dirty because it is way too early.

All tired out from all that work.  Now time to rest.

Now I want to show you the rest of the FAMILY.  Many of Beauty's babies have already sold.  I have 4 left.  I believe two males and two females.
Beauty babies- does

Beauty babies- bucks

Missy babies- x is buck
 Just a cute picture of one of Missy's babies thanking you for hopping by and hoppin to see you again soon.
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  1. Wonderful post as always Oma!! Loving this great tutorial guide to life in the Wascally Wabbitry : )